Mar 082014

lisa-franklin-01Lisa Franklin, 45-year-old former substitute teacher from Orange County, New York, who was arrested in March 2013, has been sentenced in Orange County Court to 30 months in prison for second-degree rape of a 12-year-old boy.

Franklin pleaded guilty in December to having sex with a minor boy. She was charged with repeatedly having sex with one of her students from March 12, 2012 through July 12, 2013. At the time the sexual relationship between teacher and student began, Franklin was 44 and the victim was 12. For her sex crimes she was sentenced to 2 ½ years in state prison and 10 years of parole

A final order of protection was issued forbidding Franklin from having any further contact with the victim.

“Those who abuse their position of trust with our children must be held accountable,” said District Attorney David Hoovler. “Students and parents expect teachers to look out for their students’ best interests and to protect them. When someone who is supposed to be a role model and mentor victimizes the very children they are to be protecting, justice demands severe punishment.”

Franklin, of Gerri Court, in the Town of Newburgh, met the teen boy when he was a 12-year-old student at Sacred Heart School in Newburgh, where Lisa Franklin worked as a substitute. Back in February 2013 the boys parents contacted local police and told they found inappropriate text messages on his phone and became concerned about the relationship between their son and older woman.
Franklin was indicted in June 2013 on two counts each of predatory sexual assault on a child and first-degree rape, eleven counts of second-degree rape and several other charges.
The predatory sexual assault on a child charge carries a minimum sentence of 10 years to life in prison, and a maximum of 25 years to life upon conviction.
An investigation determined Lisa Franklin and the boy “were involved in numerous sex acts in multiple jurisdictions”, according to police. Franklin was charged with one count of first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child, for an act allegedly committed in the Town of Newburgh, and two counts of second-degree rape, for acts allegedly committed in New Windsor and the City of Newburgh.

Lisa Franklin will begin her prison term immediately. The boy’s family says they have moved out of the county for a fresh start.

New York Teacher Lisa Franklin Gets Prison for Raping Boy

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Oct 302013

brianne-altice-02 Brianne Altice, 34-year-old teacher at Davis High School, Kaysville, Utah, has been accused of engaging in sex with teen student.

Altice was booked into jail for investigation of two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor after a now 17-year-old boy eported to investigators he had had sex with Altice at least seven times from January of 2012 to October of 2013, telling he was 15-year-old when the sexual relationship with his teacher began.

Five of the encounters happened at Altice’s South Weber home, and two others in Kaysville, including at least one time at a park. The teen boy contacted police on Monday. He was able to accurately describe the tattoos on Altice’s body as well as the layout of her home, police said. Altice allegedly admitted police she had sex with the underage boy at least twice, according to the report.

Altice has been placed on paid administrative leave by the Davis School District pending the outcome of an investigation. She worked for the district for nine consecutive years, teaching at Wasatch Elementary, Sunset Junior High and Davis High.

Utah Teacher Accused of Sex with Teen

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Oct 302013

julie-hautzenroeder-02Julie Hautzenroeder, 36-year-old science teacher at Colerain High School, Colerain Township, Ohio, allegedly engaged in group sex with two underage male students.

Hautzenroeder was arrested in June and faces two counts of sexual battery after she was indicted for allegedly engaging in sex with two male students. According to a police report , Northwest Schools asked police on May 15 to investigate an allegation that Hautzenroeder had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. Hautzenroeder was placed on administrative leave shortly after that. According to the indictment Hautzenroeder had sexual contact with two male students between April 26 and May 15 of this year. the alleged incidents took place at Hautzenroeder’s home in Symmes Township.

This week the teen boys testified in court they both had sex with Colerain High School teacher, Julie Hautzenroeder, on the same night. They offered a jury explicit details of an encounter they say took place this spring at her Loveland home. Female teacher pretended to be mother of the other boy and sent a text message to the other boy’s mother asking if her son could spend the night. That was part of the scheme, the teens testified, to get them to the teacher’s house. Hautzenroeder’s friend Stephanie Kessel picked up the boys that evening and took them to Hautzenroeder’s Loveland apartment. When the boys get to her house, Julie Hautzenroeder told them ” ‘My house is Las Vegas — what happens here stays here,’ ” said Assistant Hamilton County prosecutor Joshua Berkowitz. Then she gave the teens vodka, smoked marijuana with them. While they were sitting together, one of the boys testified “She put her hand in my pants”, adding she did that while she had her other hand in the pants of the other teen.

“She got two condoms and came back and turned the lights off.” Teacher allegedly then engaged in sex acts with both boys, performed oral sex with one boy and intercourse with the other while all three were in the same bed at once. The two boys testified the alleged sex happened while Hautzenroeder’s 7 or 8-year-old daughter was sleeping in the other room. They also testified after spending the night and having sex, she made them breakfast the next morning and then took them home.

19-year-old Stephanie Kessel, who drove the boys to female teacher’s house also testified in court. She told that she used to babysit Hautzenroeder’s daughter who was sleeping in other room during the sex acts with young boys. Kessel says she didn’t think anything was unusual about the boys coming over. She did testify that Hautzenroeder and the teens smoked marijuana. At some point, Kessel says one of the boys went into Hautzenroeder’s bedroom with her, but the door was open. While Hautzenroeder was in bedroom with other teen, Kessel admitted that she kissed the other boy.She said she left at 10 or 11 that night, and didn’t see anything sexual between Julie Hautzenroeder and the teens.

Prosecutors say sheriff’s officials obtained text messages between Hautzenroeder and at least one of the boys that were of a sexual nature. Hautzenroeder has pleaded not guilty. Her attorney, William Stewart Mathews II, told jurors she had an inappropriate relationship with a student but it wasn’t sexual. If jurors agree, that will allow her to escape a sexual battery conviction and the potential of 10 years in prison that can accompany it.

Hautzenroeder worked for Northwest Local School District since 2003 as a substitute teacher. She became a permanent science teacher at Colerain High in 2006.

Teen Boys Testified in Ohio Teacher’s Sex Trial

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Oct 302013

Cynthia Herr - teacher sex

Cynthia Herr allegedly engagaged multiple times in sex with a teen boy

Cynthia Lynn Herr, 35-year-old teacher at JD Floyd K8, Spring Hill, Florida, was arrested last month for having sex with a 16-year-old boy.

Herr, who lives in Citrus County, told to a co-worker that she was having a sexual relationship with a teen boy, and the the co-worker reported the information to school administrators, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. Citrus County investigators interviewed the 16-year-old male victim, who confirmed an intimate relationship was occurring between the two.

The 16 year old told investigators he and Herr engaged in sexual relations in Hernando County. When detectives interviewed Cynthia Herr, she admitted picking up the teen boy, who was a friend of her daughter, Aug. 24 in Citrus County, drove to a motel in Hernando County where they engaged in sexual relations on four separate occasions throughout the day.

Roughly 12 hours after she was released from the Hernando County Detention Center after posting $20,000 bail she faced four additional counts of sexual activity with a minor in Hernando. The sexual relations happened in Pasco, Hernando, Citrus and Marion counties, according to Citrus authorities. Herr admitted to engaging in activity with the teen in her van in Pasco, at a motel in Hernando, in her van on several occasions in Citrus and in her van in Marion. Basicly that means she was driving around different neighborhoods with the teen boy and stopping to engage in sex acts in her car with him.

Cynthia Herr told investigators that she knew it was wrong and that she thought she would be going to jail, losing her job, and losing her family. She also advised that if law enforcement accessed her Facebook or cellular telephone records she would be in trouble.

Florida Teacher Had Sex with Teen Boy 4 times in One Day

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Oct 302013

Morgan Frawley - teacher sex

Morgan Frawley, accused of sex with teen boy

Morgan V. Frawley, 25-year-old substitute teacher at Tomlinson Middle School, New Canaan, Connecticut, has been accused of having sex with a teenage boy.

Frawley, of Fairfield, surrendered to police over the weekend after she found out that a warrant had been issued for her arrest. She was charged with risk of injury to a minor and was released after posting $5,000 bond.

Local police began investigation after when boy’s parents contacted officials at the Congregational Church of New Canaan after they found sexually explicit images and texts on their son’s cell phone. Former Congregational Church of New Canaan Senior Minister Harold “Skip” Masback reported the relationship to the state Department of Children and Families after he was notified by the boy’s parents. The church suspended Frawley in April from her role as a youth group leader after allegations of the sexual relationship were made. Frawley had been employed on a part-time basis for two years. Frawley was also a long-term substitute teacher in the Fairfield school district.

Frawley posted $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear Nov. 5 in Norwalk Superior Court.

New Canaan Church Youth Group Leader Accused of Sex with Teen

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Oct 302013

Lisa Davis - teacher sex

Lisa Davis moilested 10-year-old boy

Lisa Davis, 48-year-old former fifth-grade teacher at Scootney Springs Elementary School, Othello, Washington, will spend a year behind bars after pleading guilty to molesting a 10-year-old boy.

Davis was accused of inappropriate behavior with a 10-year-old male student, and was initially charged with one count of first degree child molestation. Davis plead guilty to the charge after prosecutors and her defense attorney struck a deal. Davis was sentenced to 12 months in jail including a comprehensive Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative known as SOSA. The judge agreed to suspend all but 12 months in the 51 month to life sentence prosecutors recommended if Davis qualified for SOSA. Davis will also have to register as a sex offender when she gets out of jail.

Davis, a married mother of three, resigned from her position at Scootney Springs Elementary School in Othello, after police carried out a short investigation. The investigation began when complaints were reported to police that she sexually molested one of her students. Officers said that another teacher alerted school administrators Davis was acting inappropriately with her student, a 10-year-old boy in her reading class. Davis, who is over 4 times older than her alleged victim, spent a lot of time together with him and spoke frequently on the phone, according to court documents. Davis also took the boy to a movie according to investigators. She admitted to kissing the student several times times and inappropriately touching his genitals two or three times. She reportedly admitted to her family she participated in the “inappropriate behavior” with her student, saying there were two or three incidents. The student confirmed the incidents happened both on and off campus.

The alleged relationship between 10-year-old boy and adult woman lasted from late 2012 into 2013, and ended after Davis’ husband called the victim’s father to tell him to stop letting the victim call Davis, according to court documents.

Teacher Lisa Davis Sentenced for Molesting a 10-year-old Student

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Oct 292013

Kelly O'Rourke - teacher sex

Kelly O’Rourke sentenced to prison for sex with teen girl

Kelly O’Rourke, 42-year-old former teacher and coach at the all-girl Mount St. Mary Academy, Little Rock, Arkansas, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for repeatedly contacting the victim.

O’Rourke pleaded guilty in January before Pulaski County Circuit Judge Barry Sims to a charge of sexual assault. She was was sentenced to 15 years in prison with all but 120 days suspended. She was also ordered to register as a sex offender and instructed to stay away from her victim. But she did not. Instead she contacted the girl more than 50 times, and in a recorded phone call she told the girl that she wanted their relationship to continue.

Last month O’Rourke pleaded guilty to violating the terms of her original sentence and read a statement in court apologizing for her actions.

O’Rourke was arrested in June 2012 after being accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student, who is now an adult. The victim told her parents she had a relationship with the coach since 2010. She was 16-years-old when the alleged relationship began. O’Rourke was charged with first degree sexual assault.

Former Mt. St. Mary Teacher Gets 10 in Prison for Sex Assault

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Oct 292013

Megan Garland - teacher sex

Megan Garland

Megan Garland, 29-year-old former teacher at Messmer High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has pleaded no contest to illegal sexual contact with two students.

Garland was charged in May with second-degree sexual assault of a child under 16 years of age.

According to the criminal complaint, a passerby saw a parked car in the Destiny High School parking lot with the windows “steamed up” on the evening of Thursday, May 23rd. When the passerby opened the car door found Garland performing an oral sex act on the 14-year-old boy. The witness detained Garland and the victim and then called police. The boy confirmed to police the witness’ statement.

Megan Garland was a science teacher at Messmer. The boy she was caught performing oral sex on was a student at the same school. Prosecutors later added a second charge, that she groped a 15-year-old male Messmer student while giving him a ride in her car earlier that month. The complaint indicates that on May 17th, a 15-year-old boy asked Garland for a ride home. According to the criminal complaint, Garland asked the boy to meet her on Green Bay Ave. and Capitol Drive. During the ride, Garland allegedly put her hand inside the boy’s pants and groped him for several minutes.

On the Messmer High School blog Megan Garland was described as an an easygoing teacher who enjoys laughter and comedy. She also told that she ” loves sharing her love of Science with her students to get them excited about the subject just as she was in high school.” And that she ” loves working with Messmer students and seeing the looks on their faces when they grasp a concept. She also likes sharing her knowledge with young people in hopes of some of them becoming the scientists of tomorrow.” All references to Megan Garland were removed after her arrest.

According to Milwaukee police, Megan Garland attempted to commit suicide after being found out, and was treated for her wounds. Messmer High School is a private, Roman Catholic high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Garland faces sentencing in January 2014. If convicted of this felony, Garland could face up to a $100,000 fine, 40 years in prison or both.

Megan Garland Pleaded No Contest to Sex Crime Charges

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Oct 292013

Amanda Feenstra, teacher guilty of sex with female student

Amanda Feenstra, teacher guilty of sex with female student

Amanda Michelle Feenstra, 31-year-old dance teacher formerly at Humble High School, Houston, Texas, has been accused of engaging in an extended-term sexual relationship with a female student, has been sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication and probation.

Feenstra, who resigned from Dayton ISD in December last year, shortly after this criminal investigation began, coerced 17-year-old female dance student from her “Wild Cadets” dance team into having a sexual relationship with her for more than a year, according to court documents. Police said Feenstra engaged in deviate sexual intercourse with the student from August 2010 to November 2011.

Court documents say the two became friendly, to the point where the student would spend the night in Feenstra’s guest room. The complainant stated that the first sexual contact was at the defendant’s house while defendant’s husband was not home. The defendant kissed and “dry-humped” the defendant. The second sexual contact was when both of them took off their clothes and the two touched each other and then the defendant used her mouth to give the plaintiff cunnilingus. The defendant brought a vibrating erect penis (dildo) and would use the dildo on the complainant.

The student told investigators that one day Amanda Feenstra, who is married, approached her saying she was “really attracted to her and would like to get to know her.” After that, the two of them began to spend a lot of time together. Most of their sexual encounters happened at Feenstra’s home while her husband was away, but several also occurred at the school and at various sporting events. The girl said the two of them had so many sexual encounters that she could not remember them all, according to court documents.
The teen said Feenstra told her she loved her and wanted to be with her forever, but she did not want to continue the relationship.
She lost all of her friends and felt “trapped.” She thought she would be rid of Feenstra after she finally graduated, but Feenstra began to stalk her; constantly coming by her job and calling her phone, the victim said. The teen felt she had no one to turn to so she confided in another teacher. She said she waited so long to tell because she felt embarrassed and did not want anyone to look at her in a bad way.

Feenstra left Humble ISD in 2011. Most recently, Amanda Feenstra worked as the dance team director at Dayton High School in Liberty County.

Former Dance Teacher Amanda Feenstra Gets No Jail for Sex with Female Student

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Oct 192013

heather-chiasson-01Heather Lasseigne Chiasson, 30-year-old former English teacher at South Lafourche High School, Baton Rouge, Louisana, who pleaded guilty last year to having a sexual relationship with a student, has tried renew her license but failed.

In January 2012 Chiasson was suspended when school officials learned of the affair and reported it to local law enforcement. After being contacted by detectives, the student admitted the sexual relationship with Heather Chiasson in detail and she was soon removed from her position as an English teacher at South Lafourche High School. In March last year, Chiasson pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor of carnal knowledge in the 17th Judicial District Court. The crime was a misdemeanor, not a felony, because the student was 17 at the time of the affair.

Last June Chiasson tried to renew her license, which set into motion an administrative review which was processed like all others, but Chiasson disclosed on her renewal application that she had been convicted of the misdemeanor. The crime is on a list of offenses that requires BESE to revoke a license.

Investigators said the boy admitted to the affair and said it had become with flirting but ended up with him sleeping with his teacher and he showed detectives a series of sexually explicit text messages that he had been sent by Ms Chiasson. Chiasson was charged with prohibited misdemeanor sexual conduct between an educator and student. She was charged with a misdemeanor rather than a felony charges because of the student’s age.

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